Basque Country


Powder all mountain design

Dimensions: Length 176 cm | 139-108-124 mm | R~24.5 m

Core material: Maple/pine mix with metal inserts

These skis were made for Gabe, and he writes:

“These skis are made by hand. They are made of two sheets of fiberglass and epoxy, layered over a rubber and aluminum dampener near the tips, combined with some wood. These skis are five or six nights worth of work.  Work with a table saw, metal snips, protective eyewear, and some sort of crazy computer-controlled router, which by the way was made by hand.

These skis are, I should throw in, the best all-mountain sticks I’ve ever strapped to a pair of boots—light, snappy turners that float like sailboats in the chunky powder of the Northern Sierra, where they’ve most often made their home. They are made with poplar and pine cores, but they’re also made with frozen climbing skins put on in the glow of headlights on the side of the Mt. Rose highway at 3am. Because these skis are made by hand—by my hands and the hands of a couple friends. And because these skis are made by hand, just as most of my turns are also made by hands these days, I know that these skis still love to run after a ten-mile tour off Carson Pass, especially once the car comes back into view.

If you look at the skis, you’ll notice the dark metallic green on the top sheet, just the right color I was looking for, taken from a picture of an old Aston Martin. When you place the tips together, you’ll see the silhouette of the Basque Country, the mountainous region between Spain and France where my father was born, and where both sides of my family migrated from at some point. On the tails is the shape of the state of Nevada, where I grew up in my own mountains, the Sierras. And so, because these skis are made by hand, these skis are also made with my own history, and with my family’s history.

These skis are made with experience—with my history, with my family’s, with long days on skis next to good friends. They are not made in a factory in Thailand. They’re not made with foam-injected cores. They are made with hands—our hands.”

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