Power all mountain  design

Dimensions: Length 177 cm | 140-110-127 mm | R~21 m

Core material: Maple/pine mix

Ron J is a man you will remember if you ever meet him: his infectious laugh, smile that welcomes all, and rowdy sense of humor always bring a little color to the frequent gray days of the Pacific Northwest.

Ron is an avid backcountry skier and experienced mountaineer.

Ron skis randonnée and one of his favorite places to ski is Mt. Rainier.

Enter the Rondonnier.  These skis were created for Ron J.

Ron, along with his most reliable ski partner, Mad Dog, committed to skiing at least once a month, twelve months out of the year (turns-all-year). He and Mad Dog have kept their turns-all-year streak alive since 1995. Ron’s dedication to skiing and the backcountry community is evident through his participation as an instructor in the local mountaineering club, involvement on, and most importantly, through his extensive knowledge of Mt. Rainier and her secret stashes of snow. If you want to know where to find the best lines to ski on Mt. Rainier, just ask Ron!

The Rondonnier is built on a 177-cm all-mountain powder platform, where an early tip rise is added to enhance flotation and maneuverability in soft and powder snow. The shovel is 140-mm wide; the waist is 110-mm wide; and the tail is 127-mm wide. Camber at cord center is about 10-mm, just enough preload for an even edge pressure distribution and snappy feel. The sidecut radius is approximately 21 meters and the narrowest part of the ski is biased towards the tail to compensate for the early tip rise. With a maple and pine core, the ski offers a nice balance between weight and power. Harden steel edges, triaxial fiberglass, carbon fiber, sintered black graphite bases, and a viscoelastic damping system for vibration suppression come standard.

The skis’ graphics display a collage of photographs from Mt. Rainier and Little Tahoma, and a topo map of Rainier’s southeast side, an area where Ron J and Mad Dog frequent.  Just don’t ask them where the secret stash is.


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