The Woody was designed for Todd, an avid skier who stomps around in the Wasatch Range.  To compliment the pristine Wasatch powder, his skis sport a beautiful cedar veneer topsheet.  They look (and smell) great!  If his dresser drawer was wide enough, he’d also use these skis to freshen up  his socks.

The shape of the Woody is modeled after the Khmers.  Early tip/tail rise was added to help the ski maneuver more easily through softer snow conditions.  To help reduce weight, the cores are made of white pine, with metal inserts embedded into the wood to support the binding screws.  For a clean look, the sidewalls are made of Jatoba, an extremely hard wood with beautiful grain.  The cedar topsheet is soaked in epoxy during layup to add a barrier against the elements.  The K logo was cut using a computer controlled router and carefully assembled during the layup process.

“These are by far my favorite skis!  They handle great in the powder, and feel like a very versatile ski.” — Todd.

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